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Sharing my journey to pain-free.

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You are a musician because music brings you joy...

But the mental and physical challenges of hours of daily playing, navigating the music industry, self-promoting, sustaining your career, commuting between gigs, maintaining a teaching studio, and just trying to be the best musician you can be all adds up.

You Are Not Alone.

Many musicians of all sorts (professionals to amateurs, classical to rockers, students to seasoned vets) experience physical injury as well as mental health struggles. It is remarkably common....

But it is NOT necessary.

Welcome to the

Offering a wide variety of wellness programs supporting musicians who are serious about wanting to feel better, live without pain, and perform at their highest potential.

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Premier Program

The Perform Without Pain Premier Program offers a unique combination of online learning and 1:1 coaching.

Your teacher

Dr. Rachel White Galvin

I’ve been where you are. I struggled with injuries for 15 years. For the better part of my school years and just when I should have been flourishing, my career in music was stunted before it could even really begin. I saw countless medical and holistic health professionals, but I was met with the usual “you can get hurt playing?” or the dreaded “you need to stop playing.”

I took my healing into my own hands. After finishing my Doctorate in Viola Performance, I started devouring all the information I could about the body, our brains, how injury happens, everything! I got certified as a personal trainer. I coached CrossFit® classes. I studied many different movement disciplines. I became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner.

Here’s what I found: combining strength training, mindful movement, and mindset work produced amazing results for me. I learned that healing pain is not about hoping you’ll never experience it again. On the contrary, pain happens plain and simple. Your response to it makes all the difference. Does it make you want to curl up guiltily in bed all day? Or will you allow it to guide you? You see, pain is your brain trying to protect and teach you. But you have to learn how to listen to it. I took these ideas to my musician friends and colleagues to find that their pain, injuries, and mental health were helped, too.

Now this is what I’m offering you. The chance to change your fate. You don’t have to stop playing. You can have a happy and healthy career, instead of early forced retirement. You can live pain-free and enjoy doing what you love at your highest potential.


What Clients Are saying

Bridget Hough, DMA

Classical Pianist

“As a professional classical pianist, I was suffering from upper body stress and fatigue. Rachel designed fitness sessions geared precisely for my needs and level of fitness. Over the course of a few months I noticed radical improvement not only in my core strength, but also in my upper back and arms. I was able to reach an entirely new level of fitness without ever overtaxing my muscles which might have compromised some of my musical performances. She is incredibly competent, knowledgeable, and inspiring. She made working out fun and enjoyable while also pushing me to my highest potential.”

Terra Perkins

Wildland Firefighter for the Forest Service

“It was a pleasure to work with someone who really listen to my fitness goals and come up with a program to fit my specific needs. She is flexible and professional (always getting back to me when I had questions and would frequently check-in to see how I was doing). She was even able to coach me remotely when I returned to work, assigning detailed workouts and personalized videos. She is an amazing coach and amazing person. She will be there to support you with whatever fitness journey you pursue.”

Jonathan Morgan, DMA

Executive Director & Violist // Now Hear Ensemble

“Rachel took me, a lopsided hunch-backed couch potato without any knowledge of functional movement, and taught me how to feel capable, strong, and knowledgeable about how to activate and coordinate my mind and body in and out of the gym. Through Rachel’s instruction, I finally understood what the term “self care” actually means, which I’ve now integrated into my daily yoga practice and have experienced transformative results – I owe this to her.”

Michael Nguyen

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

I was interested in starting Crossfit but felt that I wasn’t quite in shape or ready for the Crossfit classes. I ended up doing one and one sessions with Rachel for a couple of months. We discussed some of my goals and she was able to develop programming specific to my needs. One of the things I was lacking was my mobility and since day one of sessions she would incorporate mobility into our sessions. It was very invaluable and she literally was the base and foundation to my Crossfit goals. It’s kind of crazy to see the progress I have made since then, all because of the values she instilled in me. Thanks Coach!

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